Captain Morgan Rum is Unknown

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Company email (August 2019)
"In answer to your query by EU law (Regulation 1169/2001, Annex II) we are required to tell consumers if any of the 14 listed allergens are present in our products. These allergens include cereals containing gluten – wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut;/ egg / fish / peanuts / milk / nuts / soya / sesame / celery / mustard /molluscs/lupin/ sulphur dioxide and sulphites. Captain Morgan does not contain any of the 14 listed allergens.

"Captain Morgan Original Spiced only contains rum, sugar, flavourings and colourings. Whilst it is believed that there is nothing in the liquid that would make it unsuitable for vegans, Diageo can not make any specific claim that the product is suitable. Captain Morgans has not been officially certified as suitable for Vegans, and we do not certify any of our products as vegan friendly."

[These are the companies where I'd like to add a "probably vegan but being dorks about it" category. There are other rums that are more fothcoming, we recommend them...]

Company email (February 2019)
"We currently do not test our products to verify that they are Vegan, and therefore, cannot make any claims about its Vegan status. We also are unable to verify if the ingredients used are vegan, as the ingredients of our products are proprietary." [Normally we'd put them as unknown if they won't tell, but "we've got a secret way to make rum" is too ridiculous to deal with]

Company email (May 2018)
"Captain Morgan Loco Nut DOES contain lactose (milk sugar)."

Company email, January 2012:

"In response to your inquiry, there are no animal flesh, animal gelatin, honey, dairy products, or eggs in Captain Morgan. Further, Captain Morgan never has and never will be tested on animals."

Company email (circa 2007)
"In reply to your email there are no animal products or by products used in the making of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. We hope this information is helpful. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Company email (circa 2007)
"In response to your Vegan inquiry, I can confirm that there are no animal flesh, animal gelatin, honey, dairy products, or eggs in Captain Morgan products."

Company email (circa 2007)
"We do not knowingly add any animal related ingredients to Captain Morgan products though we cannot confirm if any of those were involved in the making process because we do not know what is in our raw ingredients."

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