New Glarus Cabin Fever is Not Vegan Friendly

by New Glarus Brewing
Address: 2400 State Hwy 69
New Glarus, Wisconsin, 53574
Phone: (608) 527- 5850
Checked by: Tina
Double checked by: Katie, David
Added: about 4 years ago

David notes (July 2020) that the Cabin Fever beer contains honey.

From their website (, retrieved July 2020)

"We do not use animal products in the normal production for our beers. However, we do occasionally use milk-sugars/lactose as part of the flavor profile in a few brands. These beers are prominently labeled."

Company Email (September 2008)
"We share your passion for animals and no we do not use isinglass. You may be interested to know that actually we utilize a centrifuge for the vast majority of our yeast removal."

Tina's account:
Beers offered: Spotted Cow, Fat Squirrel, Yokel, Hop Hearty, Uff-da
Bock, Coffee Stout, Copper Kettle Weiss, Abbey Ale, Hometown Blonde,
Bavarian Weiss, Staghorn, Organic Pale Ale, Totally Naked, Belgian
Red, Raspberry Tart, Road Slush, and Unplugged (which, I think, varies
- in other words, I think "Unplugged" is like, the name of a series of
random beers - "Cherry Stout" and "Enigma" were brewed in 2006).

Okay, I hastily, but clumsily, dialed the brewery one sweltering
summer afternoon, in the midst of sucking down my third Fat Squirrel
(as alcohol has that very handy effect of stripping away one's
inhibitions), to satisfy that nagging feeling in my gut that I never
did confirm my beverage of choice was, in fact, free of non-vegan

Much to my surprise, I was transferred directly to the owner, Deb
Carey, who seemed happy to answer my questions, despite my slurring
and belching:

me: Uhh.... do you guys, um, use like, isinglass or like, any other
animal products to filter any of your brews? 'Cuz I heard like, it's
pretty common to use that kinda stuff in a brewery...where you make
beer...and stuff.

Deb: We don't use isinglass or gelatin or any other animal products
whatsoever in the brewing or filtering process. Most of our beers
aren't filtered, actually.

me: Cool..uh..okay, so yeah, that's cool, 'cuz, you know, I really
wanna keep drinkin' your beer. It's totally awesome!

Deb: We're glad you like it.

me: Okay, so what about like, honey, and stuff. Do you guys like, put
honey or whatever in any of your beers (belch)? Heh, 'scuse me.

Deb: No.

So there you have it. New Glarus Brewing Company. Vegan. Friendly.
Midwestern. Delicious.

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