Izidro Madeira Wines is Vegan Friendly

Address: Parque Industrial da Cancela
9125-042 Caniço, Madeira Island
Email: justinos@justinosmadeira.com
URL: http://www.justinosmadeira.com/
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Company email (July 2020)

"Since 2014 harvest that we do not use any animal product (ex: pork gelatine, albumin, isinglass, etc.) for finning/clarification. Today, we use exclusively vegetable products like pea and potato gelatine mixed up sometimes with bentonite (mineral clay) and/or silica gel).

"The major part of our wines aged in barrels for several years are not yet finned or clarified so, we can say that today our wines are suitable for vegetarians/vegans.
We are now in contact with some entities in order to get the certification and use the respective logo in our future wine labels.

"This is valid for our main brand (Justino’s Madeira) but also for Colombo Madeira, East India Madeira, Fanal Madeira, Izidro Madeira and Gloria Mundi Madeira.

"Also wines under Broadbent signature (produced by us for the US) are suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

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