Saint Arnold Original Dry Cider is Not Vegan Friendly

by Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Address: 2000 Lyons Avenue
Houston, Texas, 77020
Phone: 713-686-9494
Checked by: Phil
Double checked by: James, Susan, David, Lauren
Added: about 3 years ago

Company email (April 2020)

"Some breweries use clarifying agents that contain animal ingredients (like isinglass), but our clarifying agent is derived from seaweed.

"In addition, we have been assured that our filtration system does not contain any animal ingredients in the filter membranes.

"All of our current beers are vegan friendly. We will occasionally do a beer garden release that contains lactose, but it is made clear that it is a milk stout or something like that. As far as I know, DR3 is our only beer that has had honey added to it. And of course, all of our ciders contain honey.

So overall all of our beers are vegan friendly, none of ciders are."

Company email (August 2018)

"Almost all of our beer should qualify. We do not use a DE filter, which is typically the concern in packaging. We use the PROFi filter from pall which I have been told by their company does not contain animal products in its filter membranes (we've been asked about this before). As a clarifying agent, we use caragenan which is derived from seaweed. Our raw materials, like most beer, are strictly hops, malt, yeast, and water. Our year round beers do not contain honey, milk or other animal products. The only adjunct in our current seasonal lineup are spices and pumpkin puree.

"We occasionally release specialty batches for our beer garden, and these beers might contain honey or some other product eventually, but typically our adjunct beers state the adjunct in the name or label."

Company Email (circa 2011)
You can drink our beer and be a very happy vegan. We use no animal-derived ingredients in any of our beers. The only exception in our history will be Divine Reserve No. 3 which won't be bottled for another 2 months. It has some honey in it (I hadn't thought of that connection until you mentioned it). We do not use isinglass.

Email 2 (circa 2006)
Thanks for the note. Our beers are Vegan safe. We use no animal finings or other animal products in our beers. Hope this helps! Feel free to contact Kendra Harrell (, our Fort Worth sales rep. She should be able to assist you with anything else you need. Thanks again!

Email 3: (circa 2006)
Thanks for the note. We do not use any animal products in any of our beers or as any filtration aids.

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