Lustgårdens Cider is Vegan Friendly

by Åbro Bryggeri
Address: 598 86 Vimmerby
Phone: +46 (0)20 - 21 65 05
Checked by: Tess
Double checked by: Freja, Robb, Priscila, Sabrina, Jay, Company, Jeremy, Michelle, Gustav, Richard, Sam, Emma, Christina
Added: over 4 years ago

Company email (July 2021)
"Etikettlimmet som används på de produkter som har pappersetiketter innehåller kasein,
Kasein är framställt av surgjord, vilket kommer från kossan."
Google Tranlate:
"The label adhesive used on the products that have paper labels contains casein,
Casein is made from sourdough, which is the label glue used on the products that have paper labels containing casein,
Casein is made from sourdough, which comes from the cow."

Company email (July 2021)
"Lustgårdens Cider is vegan. We do not use animal ingredients."

Company email (January 2020)
"Our cider are vegan friendly from 1/2 2019"

Company email (January 2020)

"Alla våra egenproducerade produkter är veganska med undantag från Rekorderlig cider och Lustgårdens cider, dessa innehåller gelatin och är därmed inte veganska."

[Google translation: "All our own products are vegan with the exception of Rekorderlig cider and Lustgårdens cider, these contain gelatin and are therefore not vegan."]

(Rekorderlig supposedly changed to vegan last year, we're following up to see if they forgot...)

Company email (July 2019)
"We can confirm that from February 2019 all Rekorderlig Ciders including Botanicals are now certified gluten free and vegan friendly. However, as Rekorderlig Cider has an 18 month shelf life please check the label before purchase. The new labels should clearly state gluten free and vegan friendly."

Company email (March 2019)
"We have recently made our ciders vegan-friendly. However, it may take a few weeks before you see these appear on supermarkets shelves. It will be clearly stated on our new bottle labels that they are gluten free and vegan friendly."

Company email (March 2019)
"We are thrilled to let you know that all of Rekorderlig’s products are now vegan friendly and naturally free from gluten."

Company email (August 2018)
"Rekorderlig Ciders are filtered using gelatin, therefore they are not suitable for vegans."

Company email (May 2018)
"Unfortunately, Rekorderlig Cider products are not suitable for vegans as the are filtered using gelatin."

Company email (February 2017)
"gelatin is used in part of the filtration process of one of the ingredients"

Company email (June 2014): re: Rekorderlig
"Unfortunately part of the brewing process uses gelatin so Rekorderlig isn't suitable for vegans. No, Rekorderlig is not suitable for vegan or vegetarians."

Note from Freja (February 2014):
"e-mailed Rekorderlig here in Sweden and found out that the sugar used in the cider is okay, but the wine that they use in the cider is not vegan friendly because it's filtered with gelatine."

Company email (February 2014): re: Rekorderlig Cider (Sweden)
"Sockret är ok för veganer och har Kosher-certifikat, men vinet är inte kosher-certifierat och det är klarnat med gelatin – dvs inte ok för veganer."

[Translation by Freja] "The sugar is okay for vegans and it's Kosher-certificated, but the wine is not Kosher-certificated and it's clarified/filtered (I don't know the right English word) with gelatine - i.e. not okay for vegans)"

Company email:
"No, our products have no contact with animal products."

Company email:
"Our cider is vegan-friendly. We don’t use animal products."

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