Emeritus 2016 Pinot Hill East is Vegan Friendly

by Emeritus Vineyards
Address: 2500 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, California, 95472
Phone: (707) 823-9463
Email: hello@emeritusvineyards.com
URL: http://www.emeritusvineyards.com/
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Added: about 1 year ago

Company email (January 2020)

"All but 2 of our wines are vegan (and we're experimenting to try to get the last two vegan). We actually have been for years as we don't fine or filter any of our red wines.

"Currently the Ruby Ruby Rose and Hallberg Blanc are not vegan. When the new and vegan vintages are released I'll send you a note to let you know that we're totally vegan."

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