Cono Sur Single Vineyard Chardonnay is Not Vegan Friendly

by Cono Sur
Address: Av. Nueva Tajamar 481 Torre Sur
Oficina 2101, Las Condes, Santiago
Phone: (56-2) 4765090
Checked by: Jessica
Double checked by: Domi, Vanessa, Phat, Taryn
Added: over 4 years ago

Company email (December 2019)

"We have 5 wines that are vegan friendly, they are also organic.

"You can find more information regarding these wines in the following link:

"These wines are soon to be vegan certified. All of our wines are vinified and bottled in our wine cellar in Chile."

Company email (April 2018)
"Unfortunately our wines are not vegan friendly. We use certain animal derivatives products in the winemaking process."

Company email (December 2017) re: Isla Negra
"Unfortunately our wines are not vegan friendly. This is because we use certain animal derived products during the process of the winemaking."

Company email (January 2016):

"Unfortunately neither Isla Negra nor Cono Sur wines are vegan due to the derivative of an egg protein that is used in the clarification process."

Company Email:
"Unfortunately, our wines are not vegan as they contain a small amount of gelatine from fish in them."

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