Le Naturel is Vegan Friendly

by Aroa Bodegas
Address: C/ Apalaz, 13
Zurukoain- Gorozin (Navarra)
Email: restaurante@aroawines.com
URL: http://www.aroawines.com/
Checked by: Mara
Double checked by: Felicitas
Added: over 3 years ago

Company email (November 2019)
"Además de los vinos de Matsu, tenemos otros muchos de nuestros vinos certificados como veganos con la V-Label."

[Google translation: "In addition to Matsu wines, we have many of our wines certified as vegan with the V-Label."] (List attached and used to update Barnivore)

Mara notes (December 2018) that the daVida 2018 Garnacha has a vegan logo on the label

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