WKD Pink Gin is Vegan Friendly

by WKD
Email: http://www.wkd.co.uk/contact-us
URL: http://www.wkd.co.uk/
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Company email (November 2019)

"We are pleased to say that all of our variants are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans including our new Pink Gin flavour."

Company email (October 2012):
"Thank you for your recent enquiry through our website with regards our WKD products and I can confirm that all the flavours within the WKD brand are suitable for vegans/vegetarians and are totally free from animal preservatives, additives and processes.

I can also confirm that WKD is produced in 2 distribution plants in the UK and are then exported throughout the world and these sites are soley for manufacturing drinks and no other products."

Company email:
"We would like to confirm that WKD is suitable for vegans."

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