Brooklyn Unfiltered Pilsner is Vegan Friendly

by Brooklyn Brewery
Address: 79 North 11th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11211
Phone: (718) 486-7422
Fax: (718) 486-7440
Checked by: Chris Lynch
Double checked by: Nina, Phillipe, Jordan, Emma, Hana
Added: almost 5 years ago

Hana notes that their website (, retrieved July 2019)
"All of our beers are vegan friendly. Our cask beers are filtered with the vegan-friendly Biofine Clear."

Note from Emma (May 2015):
" found some additional info on the Brooklyn Brewery website that doesn't look like it's been updated on Barnivore (additional non-vegan beers) In the FAQs, they state:

All of our beers are vegan friendly, with just a few exceptions:

Greenmarket Wheat
Brooklyn Local 2
Brooklyn BAMboozle
Past Brewmaster’s Reserve beers Buzz Bomb and The Concoction, Highline Elevated Wheat, and AMA Bionda, all of which contain honey.

Our cask beers are filtered with the vegan-friendly Biofine Clear."

Latest email (Aug 30 2011):
"All of our beers are vegan friendly, with just three exceptions: our Local 2 Belgian-style ale, our recent (no longer distributed) Brewmaster's Reserve called Buzz Bomb, and our current Brewmaster's Reserve called The Concoction, all of which contain honey. Although our website states that our cask conditioned beers use isinglass, this is no longer true. A vegan substitute, Biofine Clear, is currently used to filter our cask beers. Here's some more info in case it's helpful:

None of our beers contain traces of milk, or corn. However, there is some residual sugar: glucose, maltose, and maltotriose. These sugars are derived from malted barley. We do not add sulfites as a preservative to our beer. Any sulfur formation is a result of the fermentation. Therefore, all of our beers are low in sulfites. Brooklyn Lager would be a good example of low sulfites, which has less than 1 ppm (the average sulfite content for wine is 80 ppm). Typically, sulfur dioxide levels in our beer are less than 1 ppm. The exceptions are Winter Ale, Black Chocolate Stout, Black Ops and Monster Ale, which have levels of 5-7 ppm of sulfur dioxide."

Company email:
"Lucky for you, we do not use isinglass in our filtering process, so none of our kegged or bottled beers have any animal products in them. A word to the wise though, if you happen to stop at a restaurant or our Brewery when we have casked beer, those do use isinglass so be sure not to have that (a cask is naturally carbonated beer that is aged. it looks like a smaller rounder keg turned on it's side with tap on one end)."

Company email:
"The only beers we produce that contain any animal products are our cask-conditioned ales (on the handpump or direct from the cask), which contain isinglass. We produce very little of this beer and you would be aware if it was being served to you. The other 99.99% of our beer contains no animal products and is suitable for vegans."

Additional email:
"All of our beers are vegan (that includes
bottles and kegs) with the exception of our cask beers. We do not use
any animal derivatives or sugars, and our filters are rice filters."

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