Luzón Organic is Vegan Friendly

by Bodegas Luzón
Address: Ctra. Jumilla-Calasparra Km 3,1
30520 Jumilla
Phone: +34 968 78 41 35
Checked by: Company
Double checked by: Luterio
Added: about 5 years ago

Luterio notes (July 2019)
"i call bodegas Luzón and they have vegan wine options but all the wines they produce are not only that they explaine... Luzón Organic, Verdecillo y Las Hermanas Organic, are the vegan options from wines Luzón."

Company email (June 2019)

"The products don't contains any animal ingredients (no eggs, no milk... anything). Neither animal products as isinglass or gelatin. Our products only are produced in Jumilla, a region of Murcia (Spain)."

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