From the Farm White Sangria is Vegan Friendly

by Lost Vineyards
Address: 1143 Lexington Avenue – Suite B
Rochester, New York, 14606
Phone: (585) 343-3007
Fax: (585) 343-4218
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Company email (June 2019)
"We also supply TreeHugger Classic Red Sangria and TreeHugger Citrus White Sangria. These are not only vegan-friendly, but made with organic grapes, organic sugar, and even organic citric acid. We also have two dry-style, varietal wines from Italy that are produced with organic grapes and are vegan-friendly: TreeHugger Nero d’Avola and TreeHugger Pinot Grigio Grillo.

...We supply [Wegmans] with another organic and vegan-friendly brand of Sangrias called “From the Farm”. There is a Red and White version.

...Tiki Classic Red Sangria and Tiki Tropical White Sangria are both vegan-friendly.

"There are no sub-licensees for bottling any of our Sangrias and we monitor our wineries very closely. We consider vegan-friendly to be one of the important components of producing top-quality Sangrias for consumers."

Company email (June 2017)

"I took the time to reconfirm with each winery and have the answers. Ten of our products are vegan, even if it isn't noted on the label. We use bentonite, rather than animal products, in the following wines:
Authentica Red Sangria
Authentica White Sangria
Authentica Berry Sangria
Lost Vineyards Tempranillo
TreeHugger Rosso
TreeHugger Bianco
TreeHugger Red Sangria
TreeHugger White Sangria (new)
TreeHugger Nero d'Avola (coming in July)
TreeHugger Pinot Grigio / Grillo (coming in July)"

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