Portsmouth Brewing Mild Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Portsmouth Brewing Company
Address: 225 Heritage Avenue
Portsmouth, NH, 03801
Phone: (603) 436-4026
Email: http://www.portsmouthbrewery.com/brewers_box.html
URL: http://www.portsmouthbrewery.com/
Checked by: Jon M.
Double checked by: Jordan, Katie
Added: almost 13 years ago

Company email (October 2013):
"Barring any unusual, one-off beers, our beers are vegan-friendly. Unless we highlight an unusual ingredient that might not be suitable for vegans, your audience can drink our beers with confidence and a clear conscience. We do brew all of our own beer."

Company email (August 2011)
We use honey in a few of our beers such as the Biere de Miele ( Saison brewed with honey), a Braggot, Bluebeery, other than those we do not use any animal products as Peter Egelston pointed out except for lactose in the milk stout and a touch of lactose in the Flanders Red sour. That should cover most of our beers. Hope this helps.

Company email:
Thanks for your inquiry. People frequently ask that question. We did away with isinglass and other similar clarifying agents many years ago. We found that they were difficult to use effectively and we really didn't like putting animal products in our beers on principal. So enjoy Smuttynose and Portsmouth beers without worries!

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