Song Hill 2016 Riesling - Semi-Dry is Vegan Friendly

by Song Hill Winery
Address: 521 County Road 9
Victor, New York, 14564
Phone: (773) 551-9245
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Company email (February 2019)

"We process and bottle all of our wine on site. None of our wines include any animal products. However, our still red wines, like Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc are fined with egg whites. Our still white wines are sometimes fined with chitosan. Our sparkling wines generally do not use any animal products. We always include a list of any fining agents used in the processing of our wines on their product page on our website. For example, here is the page for our Riesling which did not have any animal products:

"Our champagne would also be suitable to all vegans:

"Again, all of our fining agents are listed on the product pages for all our wines so your customers can know with absolute certainty whether or not they include any animal products in the production process. For example, our Cabernet Franc page lists egg white fining in the stats section:"

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