San Fernando Strawberry Wheat is Not Vegan Friendly

by San Fernando Brewing Company
Address: 425 Park Avenue
San Fernando, California, 91340
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Added: over 5 years ago

Company email (February 2019)

"Our beers do NOT contain any animal ingredients nor by products. Occasionally we will make a specialty brew like a Honey Saison, or a Caramel Stout, but we make sure to not label those beers Vegan. Our refining process is done with a plant base agent so no fish guts over here! We exclude our IPAs from the Vegan lists since we use Granulated Sugar from C&H. C&H has been known to use Bone Chard to filter their sugar and even though the sugar gets “eaten” away by the Yeast Strands, we feel its better to leave the “V” off of that beer.

"All of our beers are brewed, bottled and canned here at the Brewery. As of now, we only have our 1 location and we don’t use any animal by products when is comes to those steps either."

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