Dru Bru Apple Cider is Vegan Friendly

by Dru Bru
Address: 10 Pass Life Way #3
Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, 98068
Phone: 425-434-0700
Email: info@drubru.com
URL: http://www.drubru.com/
Checked by: Noe
Double checked by: Rory
Added: almost 3 years ago
Double Checked: about 1 month ago

Company email (October 2021)
"Our beers are vegan and doesn’t contain any of the items mentioned.

So, you are ok to experience BRÚ and enjoy our bottles, cans, cask and pints!"

Company email (February 2019)

"Our beers are vegan! We do not use any animal products during production or filtration, in fact our filtering agent is seaweed based. We also do not add any adjuncts to our beers like honey, chocolate or coffee. All of the flavor profiles within our beers come from the four most important ingredients, water, grain, hops, and yeast. If we ever do create a beer that is non vegan we would be sure to say so."

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