Lamplighter Danger Zone is Vegan Friendly

by Lamplighter Brewing Co.
Address: 284 Broadway
Cambridge, Massachussets
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Added: almost 2 years ago

Company email (January 2019)

"We're always making new beers, so I can't be certain what those will look like but I can give you some information on the beers we've made up until this point.

Some general information: We don't use a filtration system (a lot of them use algae or fish scales), and everything is brewed, fermented, and packaged in house. We also have a barrel aging program that is aged either in house or in our separate warehousing facility (all of our production is solely operated by us).

We aren't purposefully vegan, and can't promise that there is no cross contamination for allergens, gluten, or animal products. We do use honey in some of our beers (it's always stated in the description, current beers using honey are Lawyers, Guns, and Honey, and Group Theory). We also use lactose sugars in our milk stouts (Moondance, Brunch, After Midnight, Night Cap) so depending on how you are defining your veganism, those may or may not qualify. We get asked about our sours fairly frequently, and although they use "bugs," in this case bugs are bacterium, not actually bugs/insects. Any other beer that doesn't list honey or lactose in the ingredients."

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