Meiomi Rosé is Not Vegan Friendly

by Meiomi Wines
Address: P.O. Box 660
Rutherford, California, 94573
Phone: 707-963-4204
Checked by: Michelle
Double checked by: Keri, Jennifer, CP, Jacqueline
Added: over 5 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Company email (September 2022)
"I regret to inform you that our wines do contain animal products.We may use egg white, isinglass or casein protein to fine our wine."

Company email (September 2020)
"Our wines are made clarified with a fining process using Milk Protein, Egg whites, Gelatin and lastly Isinglass ( fish bladder protein)."

Company email (June 2020)
"One of our standard fining agents contains Micronized potassium casseinate [casein is milk protein], food grade gelatin, egg albumin and other food grade components."

Company email (December 2018)
"...we do not produce any vegan wines."

Company email (December 2012):
"We do not use any animal ingredient in processing/filtering our wine and this is the only place."

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