M&S Salted Caramel Porter is Vegan Friendly

by Marks & Spencer Plc
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Phone: 0333 014 8423
Email: http://www.marksandspencer.com/s/contact-us
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Checked by: Shane
Double checked by: Jemma, Katy, Anthony, Ella, Warren, Marli, Christian, Donna
Added: over 5 years ago

Donna notes (December 2020) that the Pink Port NV is marked as vegan on the label.

Company email (October 2019) from Oakham:

"The beers we brew for M&S are vegan friendly however – with no isinglass used in processing.

"These are as follows:

"M&S Cambridgeshire Golden Ale (4.2%) – 500ml Bottle
M&S Citra IPA (4.9%) – 500ml Bottle
M&S Citra IPA (4.9%) – 500ml Can
M&S Double Hopped Citra IPA (5.9%) – 330ml Can"

Company email (August 2019) re Réserve de la Saurine:

"I have checked our systems and can confirm that there is none of these ingredients present in the final product and it is marked as being free from Milk, Lactose and is also suitable for Vegans."

Added beers & Ciders from a spreadsheet received from Warren (October 2018)

Ella notes (December 2017) that Burra Brook Shiraz has a vegan logo on the back label.

Anthony notes (April 2017) that the Dolphon Bay Merlot has a vegan logo on the back label.

Katy points out (December 2016) that the Abel Charlot Brut NV is listed as vegan friendly on their website.

Jemma points out (November 2016) that the Rosso 2013 Puglia says it's suitable for vegans and vegetarians on the bottle.

Company email (November 2016) re Gold Crème brulee liqueur:

"I can confirm that the gold creme brulee liqueur is completely suitable for vegans. It contains no animal derivatives and is manufactured in a uncontaminated area. The supplier is based in France and adheres to all laws regarding the correct manufacturing and packaging of vegetarian and vegan items."

[Product also says "Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans" on http://www.marksandspencer.com/gold-crme-brulee-liqueur-case-of-6/p/p60093630?OmnitureRedirect=creme+brulee&pdpredirect, retrieved Nov 15 2016]

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