Maistila Det Var Det is Vegan Friendly

by Maistila
Address: Kaarnatie 20
Oulu, 90530
Phone: 044 291 9589
Checked by: Ludde
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Added: over 5 years ago

Company email (September 2018)
"Milk stouts always contain lactose. The use of lactose is not common and is always mentioned on the label.

"Just yesterday we were messaged about this and also about the origin of our lactic acid bcteria. The strain of our lactic acid bacteria is vegan."

Company email (August 2018)

"meillä ei ole käytössä mitään eläinperäisiä ainesosia missään prosessin vaiheessa. Kirkastuksessa käytämme kasvispohjaista ainetta. Oluitamme tuotetaan ainoastaan panimollamme em. metodein."

[Translation: "we do not use animal-based products at any step of our production process. For fining our beers we use a plant-based product. The production of our beers is restricted to our brewery and to the aforementioned methods."]

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