Gipsy Hill Watson is Vegan Friendly

by Gipsy Hill Brewing Co.
Address: Unit 11 - Hamilton Road Industrial Estate 160 Hamilton Road
London, SE27 9SF
Phone: +44 [0] 208 761 9061
Checked by: Andrei
Double checked by: Company, Danny
Added: over 4 years ago

Company email (October 2018)
"Most of our beers are vegan yes! Whoop, some of them have lactose in them but that will be stated as an allergen on our website if you go into each individual beer and/or on the can... we use a vegan finer."

Company email (July 2016):
"Wanted to update you that our core range bottled beers are vegan. And our Keg beers are soon to be. It's only our casks that aren't."

Note from Andrei (March 2015):
"I have asked a micro brewery, Gipsy Hill, if they are using gelatin, isinglass or albumen in any production stage for fining.
Their response was: "Yes we are. We did a one off un fined beer for the festival. Thanks. "

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