Flaneur 2016 Cuvee Constantin Chardonnay is Vegan Friendly

by Flaneur Wines
Address: 258A North Kutch Street
Carlton, Oregon, 97111
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Company email (September 2018)

"Flaneur Wines made in as hands off a way as possible. That being said, our winemaking style is not 100% set in stone and we do on a vintage-to-vintage basis. We have not in the past, and most likely will never use Isinglass or gelatin. We did use egg whites for all of our 2015 red wines, but we have not used this process before or since. If subsequent vintages use these, or other animal products I will let you as we release these wines. We are 100% organic in the vineyard and winery and we are in process of certification. We do not use any biodynamic applications, although in the future we may employ some of these practices.

"All of our wines are made from estate fruit and are estate vinified and estate bottled. We even have our own in-house vineyard management team. The only third party used in our winemaking is the mobile bottling line which comes to our door."

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