Rio Alto Wines is Vegan Friendly

by Viña San Esteban
Address: La Florida 2074, Mail Box 326
San Esteban, Los Andes
Checked by: Katie
Double checked by: Company
Added: almost 5 years ago

Company email (June 2018)
"In order to produce vegan friendly wines, a couple year ago we stopped using Lysozyme and replaced egg albumin with peas protein for the collage... Culitos and Sweet Bitch should stay as unknown, since we outsource part of the juice for this wines, so we can’t guarantee a full traceability of the production."

Company email (March 2018)

"We spoke to our wine maker in Chile and this was his response, both the In Situ and Vina San Esteban lines are made and grown on site and are vegan. But our Sweet Bitch and Culitos lines "may" have some outside grown juice and so he cannot 100% verify that they are vegan. Other of our wines come from France, Germany and Italy and we cannot therefore verify for certainty that they are vegan."

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