Good Chemistry Kokomo Weekday is Vegan Friendly

by Good Chemistry Brewing
Address: Unit, 2 William St
Bristol, BS2 0RG
Phone: 0117 903 9930
Checked by: Peter
Double checked by: Company
Added: over 5 years ago

Company email (May 2018)
"ALL our beer is now unfined and suitable for vegans, across cask and keg and bottle. And this will be the case going forward, with no exceptions (we have no plans to brew a milk stout!). With 1/5 of our team vegan, 2/5 vege and the remaining 2/5 occasional meat-eaters, this is important to us."

Company email (September 2016)
"While our first run of beers were fined we have been working hard to eliminate this from our processes, and have now done so almost completely. Our only fined beer still on sale is Hurly Burly (available on draught only)."

Company email (April 2016)

"At the moment finings are used in the processing of our beers. We are looking into ways to remove this part of the process, so watch this space. Our products are not manufactured or bottled anywhere else in the world, just here in Bristol by the two of us."

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