Bad Shepherd Oatmeal Stout is Vegan Friendly

by Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.
Address: 386 Reserve Rd
Cheltenham, Victoria
Phone: 03 8555 3175
Checked by: Carrie
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Added: over 3 years ago

Company email (June 2018)

"We do not use any animal products to filter our beers making them vegan!

"However, 3 of our beers do contain products that are made off site. Hazelnut Brown and Double Choc Hazelnut Brown both contain Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur, and one of the beers that make up the blend for The Darkling contains Galliano Black, a liquorice liqueur.

I cannot guarantee these products are 100% vegan but you will be free to try any of our other beers!"

[Oh, look, here's a vegan booze guide - Frangelico & Galliano are vegan]

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