Fernet Branca is Not Vegan Friendly

by Fratelli Branca Distillerie Srl
Address: Via Broletto 35
20121 Milano
Email: http://www.brancadistillerie.com/contatti/
URL: http://www.brancadistillerie.com/
Checked by: Claas
Double checked by: Sofia, Carla
Added: over 5 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Company email (August 2021) re Fernet-Branca
"Respecto a la duba sobre el origen animal de algun componente, les comentamos que la presencia de miel, aunque en muy bajas proporciones, hace que el producto no sea apto vegano."

Google Translate:
"Regarding the doubt about the animal origin of any component, we commented that the presence of honey, although in very low proportions, makes the product not suitable for vegans."

Company email (January 2018) re Brancamenta
"Referring to your kind request below we can confirm that no animal ingredients are used in Brancamenta production."

Company email (January 2018) re Fernet-Branca:

"Referring to your kind request below, we confirm that no animal ingredients are used in Fernet Branca production."

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