Bad Seed Bourbon Barrel Reserve Hard Cider is Vegan Friendly

by Bad Seed Cider Company
Address: 43 Baileys Gap RD
Highland, New York, 12528
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Company email (January 2018)

"Our cider is 100% vegan-friendly. We grow all the apples ourselves, press the juice in an apple press that never touches anything but apples, and then can on our own canning line at our cidery in the Hudson Valley. There's no animal products, only apples and yeast, plus the occasional flavor -- raspberry, cranberry, etc, and there are never any animal-based products used in any process of fermentation, aging, or canning/bottling.

"We do all of the manufacturing ourselves... Also, our cider is unfiltered. The apple particulates just age out of their own accord in time."

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