Moor PMA is Vegan Friendly

by Moor Beer Company
Address: Days Road
Bristol, BS2 0QS
Phone: 07887 556521
Checked by: Bones
Double checked by: Dave, Company
Added: over 3 years ago

Company email (January 2018)
"I just wanted to let you know that all of our beer is vegan friendly. We are the first brewery in the UK to make 100% vegan friendly beer, and we led the argument in favour of unfined beer, inspiring lots of other breweries to follow in our footsteps."

Note from Dave (July 2014):
"ALL beers are now unfined and appear to be suitable for vegans/vegetarinas

See statement at
'Our unfined ‘natural’ beers do not contain isinglass cask finings. They are designed to be served with a haze. We now proudly supply all of our beer unfined and naturally hazy as we believe it is best for the beer and for you.'"

Company email (circa 2011)
"All our beers that are in bottle, keg or are listed at a pub as unfined will be unfined. It is not brand specific. The dark cask beers that are unfined are Illusion, Peat Porter, Ported Peat Porter and Old Freddy Walker."

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