De Bortoli Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2015 is Vegan Friendly

by De Bortoli Wines
Address: De Bortoli Road, PO Box 21
Bilbul, New South Wales, 2680
Phone: 61 2 6966 0100
Fax: 61 2 6966 0199
Checked by: Danielle
Double checked by: Madge, Emily, Clare, Karla, Kalli, Adam, Katerina, Ray, Adrian
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: over 2 years ago

Sue notes (February 2022) re:Sacred Hill Brut Cuvee
"Vegan Friendly logo on the label"

Company email (september 2021)- Botrytis Semillon
"We use milk finings"

Spotted October 2018:
The label for La Bohème 2018 Pinot Gris states: "produced with milk products as a processing aid and traces may remain."

Company email (July 2018)
"we do have a number of Vegan Friendly wines available [list attached, updated on Barnivore -ed]. We are working to get this information onto the back labels of our bottles as well."

Update July 2018:
Vegan wine list updated as per July 2018

Company email (November 2017)
"I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that we have always produced some Vegan wines, but we now highlight these products due to the growing market for them.

"Every vintage is different, requiring different techniques and methods.

"I have included a link to our wine selector tool [] that will filter our products depending on the search criteria. If you select other, the Vegan option is in the drop down. This tool will bring up all of our wines, some of which may not be available to you in your area.

"Please note that none of our cask wines are considered to be suitable for Vegans."

[Wine list updated as per the above link November 2 2017]

Company email (September 2016):
"thank you for your query about the 2016 Over Yonder Pinot Noir being vegan friendly. Unfortunately this wine has had gelatine used in the fining process. Please be aware that we are not a vegan certified company and the use of fining agent (egg, milk, isinglass, gelatine etc) may change from vintage to vintage, so please feel free to ask again in the future."

[Note: as per their disclaimer, we've marked anything without a specific vintage as unknown unless we know it's non vegan from another mail]

Note from Madge (December 2014):
"Company representative gave me a list of their vegan wines, and they seem to have a lot of them!
Here's a list:
De Bortoli Sacred Hill Chardonnay (2014 Vintage)
De Bortoli Windy Peak range
De Bortoli Yarra Valley range
De Bortoli Bella Riva range
De Bortoli Deen range (white wines only)
De Bortoli Gulf Station range
De Bortoli Riorret range
De Bortoli Melbra range"

Company email (December 2014): re: Sacred Hill Traminer Riesling
"To answer your question about the wine being suitable for vegan consumption, unfortunately the short answer is no. Gelatine has been used in the processing of the 2014 vintage, and isinglass and milk have been used along with the gelatine in the previous vintages.
The only place the wine is manufactured or bottled is at our head winery in Bilbul NSW."

Company email (February 2014): re: 2011 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir
"The wine maker has confirmed that this wine is suitable for Vegans:

Company email (February 2014):
"We do on occasions have wines that use gelatine, isinglass, etc as processing aids, its entirely up to the winemaker and can change vintage to vintage depending on the conditions of that particular harvest. We do have wines that are suitable for vegans though we make no such claims.
2013 Deen De Bortoli Chardonnay
2013 Windy Peak Shiraz
2013 Deen De Bortoli Sauvignon Blanc
2013 Yarra Valley Estate Grown Pinot Noir"

Note from Clare (October 2012): [in regard to De Bortoli Emeri Pink]
"After getting home and pouring myself a glass I noticed it says right on the label "produced with egg products as a processing aid and traces may remain"."

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