Stonewell Cider Medium Dry Cider is Vegan Friendly

by Stonewell Cider
Address: Nohoval, Belgooly
Kinsale, County Cork
Phone: +353 (0)21483 4580
Checked by: Bronagh
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Added: over 5 years ago

Company email (September 2017)

"We do not use an animal derived clearing agent in our Medium Dry, Dry and TobairĂ­n (Low Alcohol) and limited edition Ros, apple and rhubarb ciders so these four are vegan friendly.

"We also no longer use animal derived clearing agents for our specialist cider Tawny however this will not be 100% vegan friendly until our current stocks have been depleted, I estimate this will be early next year." [hello Barnivore reader, can someone check in around Feb 2018?]

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