Southbrook 2009 Rose is Vegan Friendly

by Southbrook Vineyards
Address: 581 Niagara Stone Road, RR4
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, L0S 1J0
Phone: 1.888.581.1581
Checked by: Tom
Double checked by: Marta, Company
Added: about 13 years ago
Double Checked: about 12 years ago

Company email (October 2017)
"We are happy to commit to making only vegan wines, and we label some as vegan-friendly.

"All wines from 2013 are vegan, with a single exception in 2012, and no plans to use non-vegan ingredients in the future."

Email from Peter (January 2012):

"I called Southbrook regarding their organic red wine (Connect), and was assured it was vegan friendly."

Note from Marta:
"I recently contacted two wineries in Niagara via phone.
Southbrook had a list already compiled. The 2009 vidal and rose are
safe. The 2008 and 2009 Triomphe Chard (that can be found in the LCBO)
is safe too. I was also informed that they will be producing more
vegan-friendly wines in the future so to keep checking back.

Company Email: Sept 2010
" We will sometimes use egg whites to fine our red wines like the 2007's, but no gelatin or isinglass is used so for the most part our wines's are vegan.

Please let him know that we keep this type of record for each wine, so can answer specifically. None of our 2008 reds or 2009 Rose were fined, so are vegan. All of our organic/demeter whites are also vegan.

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