Feral Hop Hog is Vegan Friendly

by Feral Brewing Company
Address: 152 Haddrill Road
Baskerville, Western Australia, 6056
Phone: (08) 9296 4657
Email: restaurant@feralbrewing.com.au
URL: https://www.feralbrewing.com.au/
Checked by: Steve
Double checked by: Kahli, Ben
Added: over 10 years ago
Double Checked: 5 months ago

Company email (February 2021)

"Our core range of beers are all vegan friendly but we have multiple brewpub limited edition series that do contain Lactose. Additionally we have just had one of our beers that isn’t vegan move into cans and this is potentially going to join our core range but isn’t yet. The following beers are vegan friendly.

Hop Hog
Biggie Juice
Sly Fox
Feral Draught
Perth Local Larger
Imperial Biggie Juice

Company email (July 2014):
"I have been speaking with our brewers and can assure you our beers are vegan friendly. The link is referring to 1 particular beer we did several years ago which contained a fish extract. We do not use that in anything in our current range."

Company email (circa 2011):
"Our beer is not vegan friendly. I am unsure as to why however have been advised by our brewers that this is the case."

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