Gekkeikan Deluxe Sake is Not Vegan Friendly

by Gekkeikan Sake (USA), Inc.
Address: 1136 Sibley Street
Folsom, California, 95630
Phone: +1(916) 985-3111
Fax: +1(916) 985-2221
Checked by: Kevin
Double checked by: Reggie, Marsha, Pam
Added: about 7 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Company email (March 2021)

"No, we use gelatin made from pork during the process of sedimentation to eliminate protein in sake.
This is only one factor for us to use animal-derived material during whole process to brew sake.

"All the materials has been removed at filtration, but our sake is not Vegan caused by usage of this gelatin."

Company email (July 2017)
"All of our Japan-made product and US Nama sake do not use any animal byproduct in the process."

Company email (2008):
"Our domestic products are not made with animal by-products; we do indeed use an animal by-product in the filtration of our sake. This product is used to help remove charcoal prior to filtration; and is not part of the sake. We will be testing persimmon juice in the near future here at our Folsom facility. Persimmon juice is the only settling agent used by our home office facilities. To be simply put, any of our sakes/wines from Japan, as well as our US-made Draft sakes would be untouched by animal products."

Company email from 2007 via Reggie:
"we do indeed use an animal by-product in the filtration of our sake."

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