Underwood 2016+ Pinot Noir is Vegan Friendly

by Union Wine Co
Address: 19550 SW Cipole Rd
Tualatin, Oregon, 97062
Phone: 971-322-4791
Email: info@unionwinecompany.com
URL: http://unionwinecompany.com/
Checked by: Nicholas
Double checked by: Kate, Amanda, Mary, Jessica
Added: almost 6 years ago
Double Checked: about 4 years ago

Company email (April 2020) re Christopher Michael wines:

"...just heard back from our production team, and they confirmed all of the Christopher Michael wines are indeed vegan."

Company email (March 2019)
"Thanks so much for reaching out and for your interest in our Pinot Gris cans. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it is vegan, as sometimes it is fined with casein, a milk-based protein. The only one of our Underwood wines that is vegan is the Pinot Noir."

Company email (January 2018)
"All of our wines (including cans) are vegan with one exception - our Underwood Rose (bottled and canned) is not vegan, as it contains casein, a protein found in milk."

Kate notes (June 2017)
"I spoke with Union Wine company, the folks who make Underwood, Alchemist, and King's Ridge wines, to see if their stuff was vegan. They told me the following: All wines from 2016 are vegan, except the sparkling. Everything from 2015 is vegan except for the pinot gris and sparkling"

Company email (June 2016)

"I'm happy to let you know that, while we have used isinglass and milk as fining agents in the past, all of our current vintages are indeed vegan. :)"

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