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by Michael Pozzan Winery
Address: 7830 St Helena Hwy # 40
Oakville, California, 94562
Phone: 707-252-9800
Email: info@michaelpozzanwinery.com
URL: http://www.michaelpozzanwinery.com/
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Company email (June 2017)

"Annabella does not contain any animal ingredients as it is illegal to put anything but grape products (grapes or grape concentrate) into wine unless explicitly noted on the label. During the filtration process is where you are going to find things like eggs to filter the wine. We instead use bentonite as the fining agent which is not an animal by product. Lastly, we are the sole producer of Annabella and no one else can use the name or bottle under our license. In short, Annabella is a vegan friendly wine."

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