Apple Orphanage Elderflower Keshal is Vegan Friendly

by Apple Orphanage Co Ltd
Address: The Lynague
German, Isle of Man
United Kingdom
Checked by: Clodagh
Double checked by:
Added: about 7 years ago

Company email (June 2017)

"Yes we're happy to say our Manx Dry Cider is 100% vegan! It is made from 100% pressed Manx apples and nothing else! We don't sulphite, we run off wild, naturally occurring yeasts and don't add anything else at all (so beware, it is very dry indeed!). We have just confirmed too that all our cleaning and sterilising agents used in preparing our bottles for filling are also vegan friendly. This means that all of our drinks (Apple Juices, Fruit Pressés and Elderflower Keshal) are also Vegan, yay! We are in the process of updating all our labels so that nutritional information including vegan/vegetarian status will be clearly stated (all products should be moved onto this new labelling system writhing the next 12months)."

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