Other White Rock products - unknown is Not Vegan Friendly

by White Rock Distilleries
Address: P.O. Box 1829, 21 Saratoga Street
Lewiston, ME, 04241
Phone: (207) 783-1433 / (800) 628-5441
Fax: (207) 777-7168
Email: marketing@whiterockdistilleries.com
URL: www.whiterockdistilleries.com
Checked by: Joshua
Double checked by: Natalie, Jessica
Added: over 11 years ago

Company email (September 2011):
"There are no animal products in the Blackmaker."

Company email:
"No, we do not use any animal by productions in the making of the Pinnacle Vodka." [Barnivore note (March 2014): Pinnacle is now listed under Beam Global.]

Company Email regarding Piccala.
"Yes, this product is vegan."

Other products by White Rock Distilleries: