Salt Marsh Suden fest is Vegan Friendly

by Salt Marsh Brewing
Address: 207 Bluffton Rd
Bluffton, South Carolina, 29910
Phone: (843) 815-6300
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Company email (May 2017)

"We have a constant rotation of what is available but only two of the beers ever in rotation contain Honey(Locally sourced SC wildflower honey)- "Nanna's Puddin American Vanilla Honey Heffe" and "Hiv-e-Weizen" American Honey Heffe. both are German Heffe style beers that incorporate Honey and are 5% abv with 21 IBUs.

Our current more consistent line up of beers:
"Alright, Alright, Alright" a Blonde ale @ 5%abv and 21 IBUs,
"Suden fest" Vienna rye Lager @ 5% ABV and 24 IBUs
"Mackay's Creek" Hazy IPA @ 6.7 ABV and 64 IBUs,
"Broad Creek" Hazy Rye IPA @ 6.7% ABV and 64 IBUs,
"State of Mind" Saison @ 6.9% ABV and 23 IBUs
"Tabby Porter" English porter @ 6.1% ABV and 39 IBUs
"Rum Smuggler" rum barrel aged Dubbel @12.4% ABV and 23 IBUs
"Riverwise" Kettle sour wheat ale @ 4.5% ABV and 23 IBUs
"Summer Fruit Jam" series is River wise Kettle sour aged on seasonal local fruit (Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry, and Peach)

All of these would qualify as Vegan as well as any other specials we would do that do not incorporate honey. We do not filter our beers but on occasion for better clarity(Especially with the lager) we will use a silica based clarifier that is certified vegan."

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