Villa Brici Ribolla Gialla is Vegan Friendly

by Vinska Klet Goriška Brda
Address: Zadruzna cesta 9
5212 Dobrovo
Phone: +386 (0)5 33 10 100
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Company email (April 2017)

"We are pleased to announce that all of our white wines are vegan / vegetarian friendly. Our production process does not utilize any animal based clarifiers or processing aids. This applies to the white wines under the following brand names:

Avia Brand: Avia Pinot Grigio, Avia Sauvignon Blanc, Avia Chardonnay, Avia Riesling

Colliano Brand: Colliano Cuvee White, Colliano Ribolla Gialla, Colliano Sauvignonasse, Colliano Peneca Sparkling Rebula

Bagueri Brand: Bagueri Pinot Grigio, Bagueri Sauvignon Blanc, Bagueri Ribolla Gialla, Bagueri Chardonnay

Quercus Brand: Quercus Pinot Grigio, Quercus Chardonnay, Quercus Rosé

Villa Brici Brand: Villa Brici Pinot Grigio, Villa Brici Sauvignon Blanc, Villa Brici Ribolla Gialla

Motnik (aged Ribolla Gialla)

...For the time being our red wines cannot be safely regarded as vegan friendly – but give us time."

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