Golden Cap is Vegan Friendly

by Sinebrychoff
Address: PO Box 87 FI-04201
Phone: +358 9 294 991
Checked by: Jaane
Double checked by: Jordan, Ele, Marina, Andrea, Esther, Ilse
Added: about 13 years ago

Company email (February 2023) Re: Breezers
Google translate:
"The drinks in the selection at the moment are vegan"
"Tämän hetken valikoiman juomat ovat vegaanisia"

Company email (October 2016) re: Karhu
"Sinebrychoffin valmistamissa oluissa ei ole mitään eläinperäisiä aineita. Myöskään oluiden suodattamisessa tai muutoin valmistamisessa ei käytetä eläinperäisiä apuaineita. Karhu olut valmistetaan tällä hetkellä ainoastaan Keravan tehtaalla."

[Translation: "Sinebrychoff's beers don't contain any animal ingredients. Also in the filtering of beers or otherwise producing it no animal products are being used. Karhu is only made in Kerava at present."]

Company email (August 2015) re: Somersby Cider
"For our Somersby ciders some of the ingredients are clarified using gelatin, and Somersby ciders therefore cannot be declared vegan friendly."

Company email (April 2015): re: Somersby Cider
"In general, fruit juices can be treated with gelatin (of animal origin) in the clarification process. As our raw material supplier cannot guarantee that all juice used in the production of Somersby would be produced without gelatin (it is a very common procedure in treating fruit juices), Somersby is not stated totally vegan-friendly.
However, there are no traces of gelatin left in the product, nor are any ingredients of animal origin used in manufacturing of Somersby."

Company email (April 2015): re: Somersby Cider
"We cannot guarantee that our cider is vegan, since some of the ingredients used may be clarified using gelatin…”

Company email (December 2011)
"Sinebrychoff beers are vegan-friendly. Ingredients you mention bellow are not used in our beers."

Company email:
"The raw materials used in Sinebrychoff's beverages are either naturally or synthetically manufactured and are suitable for vegans.

The colorant in the Schweppes Tropical Fusion mixer is E120 carmine. Because carmine is a colorant based on animal substances, the product does not suit vegans.
The beta-carotene (E160a) used as a colorant in Fanta-Appelsiini may continue fish gelatine residues.""

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