VOK Cocktails Cosmopolitan is Vegan Friendly

by VOK Beverages
Address: 162 Cross Keys Road
Salisbury South, South Australia, 5106
Phone: 1 800 896 080
Email: comments@vok.com.au
URL: http://vok.com.au/
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Added: over 7 years ago

Company email (March 2017):
"Vok Advokaat and Vok Cherry Advokaat both contain egg, apart from these the remainder of the Vok Liqueur range and Vok Cocktails are suitable for vegans to the best of our knowledge... The reason we say “to the best of our knowledge” is we can only go on the word of our suppliers. We know the ingredients are not from an animal source but we cannot say with certainty if there is any possible chance of cross contamination therefore we use the above statement."

Company email (July 2014):
"I can confirm the entire range of Vok Liqueurs apart from Advokaat and Cherry Advokaat are suitable for vegans.

All our liqueurs are only manufactured and bottled at our site in South Australia but some ingredients are sourced from overseas on occasion. To the best of our knowledge all the Liqueurs apart from the two Advokaat's are suitable for vegans."

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