Watson's Trawler Rum is Vegan Friendly

by Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd
Address: Russell House, Dunnet Way
Broxburn, EH52 5BU
Phone: +441506 852205
Fax: +441506 856434
Email: info@ianmacleod.com
URL: http://www.ianmacleod.com/
Checked by: Duncan
Double checked by: Martin
Added: over 6 years ago

Company email (June 2020) re Smokehead Whisky

"vegan? - yes
gluten free? - yes
organic? – no

"All produced at our bottling hall in Broxburn, Scotland."

Company email (February 2017) re: Watson's Rum

"Scotch Whisky is made from cereals, water and yeast – natural products, and is not ‘fined’. Vegetarians can therefore continue to enjoy their Scotch Whisky as now." [The document was titled "SCOTCH WHISKY/RUM AND VEGETARIANS" so it appears that whiskey and rum are interchangeable here]

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