(512) IPA is Vegan Friendly

by 512 Brewing Company
Address: 407 Radam, F200
Austin, TX, 78745
Phone: 512-707-2337
Email: info@512brewing.com
URL: http://www.512brewing.com
Checked by: Tanya
Double checked by: Mel
Added: about 11 years ago

Company Email:
"Please make sure we’re listed as a vegan brewery. We have used honey in the past for our one time anniversary beer, but we strive for not only vegan ingredients but organic vegan. We’re on the verge of certifying (512) WIT as Organic and we have plans for others down the. All the beers are already made with at least 80% organic ingredients"

Company email:
"All of our core products and every seasonal is vegan. (512) ONE, which was our 1st anniversary ale had some honey used.
For what it’s worth, we also use organic base malts, making every beer at least 80% organic, except for the WIT, which is 50% organic now."

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