Sixpoint 4Beans is Vegan Friendly

by Sixpoint Craft Ales
Address: 40 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11231
Checked by: Michael
Double checked by: Kristin, Laurie, Anna
Added: over 7 years ago

Company email (January 2017):
"Yes, our beers are 100% vegan! Some very small-batch beers released years ago did contain lactose and/or honey, but nothing available now. Even our C.R.E.A.M. ale, advertised as a "coffee with cream" ale, uses maltodextrin instead of lactose.

"We're actually huge animal lovers here at Sixpoint. Ever heard of Beer for Beasts?"

Company email (September 2013): [regarding Autumnation seasonal brew]
"100% vegan and made with love for animals! :-)"

Email from the company president, December 2011:
"All of our core flavors and canned beers are vegan friendly. We centrifuge our beers prior to packaging meaning we do not need or use isinglass before these beers are going into kegs or cans. The residual haze you may see in the beer is due to dry hopping or a slight protein haze from the barley malt.

All current core creations are isinglass free, and all future ones are intended to be that way too! If for any reason there is a change in our production process, we will notify you of that.

Regardless of the packaging format (cans or kegs) it does not matter - they are all coming out of the same tank!"

Company email, August 2011:
"I'm quoting the head brewer when I say this regarding isinglass: "yes, but not in the final product."

Company email, 2008:
Q: Does your beer contain any animal ingredients (such as milk, eggs, honey, etc) or are animal products used in the processing/filtration of the product (such as isinglass, gelatin, etc)?

A: Nope!

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