White Winter Traditional Apple Cider is Vegan Friendly

by White Winter Winery
Address: 68323A Lea Street
Iron River, Wisconsin, 54847
Phone: (800) 697-2006
Email: https://whitewinter.com/directionscontact-us/
URL: https://whitewinter.com/
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Company email (January 2017)

"Our ciders are just what they are, cider, plain and simple. We do not typically add anything to them other then simple adjuncts to adjust for acid, or sweetness and then only if needed. We do not add any animal based fining agents, we use bentonite which is a clay.

Our spirits are made from our meads and ciders that have been fermented and then distilled. While I suppose technically they are made from honey, there is no honey or other animal or insect by-product in them as we distill off only the alcohol produced by fermentation."

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