Sheppy's Cider is Vegan Friendly

Address: Bradford-on-Tone
Taunton, Somerset, TA4 1ER
Phone: 01823 461233
Checked by: Sid
Double checked by: Bones
Added: almost 14 years ago

Company email:
"Thank you for your enthusiastic email. We can certainly recommend them to you. The only one to be avoided is Cider with Honey. All our other ciders are fine as we don't use any substances such as you refer to for filtration or anything else. On the last question, absolutely not; there's just our small team working slavishly hard to produce fine traditional ciders.
PS. we have one brand new product, which I haven't thought about in vegan terms. It contains blackberry concentrate (Cider with Blackberry), I don't think this should be a problem, but if you would alert me to anything you would be asking about a product incorporating this, then do please let me know and I'll make sure to find out and be certain to give the right information to any future enquiries on this."

Company Email:
"Thank you for your email. I can tell you that our only cider which is not suitable for vegans is our Cider with Honey. None of our other ciders includes or uses any product which is animal based or sourced."

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