B. Nektar Rhube Strawberg Mead is Not Vegan Friendly

by B. Nektar Meadery
Address: 1511 Jarvis
Ferndale, Michigan, 48220
Phone: 313-744-6323
Email: info@bnektar.com
URL: http://www.bnektar.com/
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Added: over 6 years ago

Company email (January 2017)

"All of our ciders and meads are considered "gluten free" however with all of the meads and some ciders we will use honey. The beer we make is only available in the taproom, but we have that program on hold while we move our facilities around. So there is not any beer available.

Also, any mead or cider that is barrel aged is NOT gluten free, due to the barrels themselves.

Check the labels for honey used in any cider...those are usually some rare bottles, so you probably won't see it that often."

[On followup, Zombie Killer, Dwarf Invasion, and NecroMangoCon were identified with honey, but there may be others. Meads contain honey because that's what they are.]

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