Tesco Lion's Gate White 2.25Le is Vegan Friendly

by Tesco
Address: Baird Avenue
Dundee, DD1 9NF
Phone: 0800 50 5555
Email: https://www.tescohelp.com/tesco/forms/ghs_form.html
URL: http://www.tesco.com/
Checked by: Gabriel
Double checked by: Felicity, Saffron, Keir, Madeleine, Mariza, Holly, Hannah, Steve, Natalie, Anne-Marie, Albany, Zak
Added: over 7 years ago

Company email (November 2018)
"I have looked into the question you have put forward and found that the Tesco Fruity Red Wine 75Cl is not suitable for Vegans, I am really sorry to say."

Company email (November 2018) re Tesco Soave 2017:

"Yes this product is suitable for vegans according to the specification"

Sareta notes (December 2017) that the Tesco Finest Chateauneuf-du-Pape's web listing says it contains milk and eggs.

Company email (November 2017) re Coteaux d’aux en Provence Rosé
"It seems that the info on Tesco.com/groceries is for the 2015 vintage which was suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. This may be because stores will most likely still be stocking the 2015 vintage. Here at Wine by the Case we have moved on to 2016 and therefore can categorically state that the wine is vegan-friendly and so both logos are on the website for this product"

Natalie notes (November 2017)
"Tesco have confirmed that Bella Cucina Prosecco is vegan friendly"

Updated (October 2017) to include Wairau Cove wines, which according to the Tesco website contain milk.

Steve notes (August 2017) that according to https://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=296394362 the Tesco Limestone Coast Shiraz contains milk.

Hannah notes (June 2017) that despite being marked as vegan on their website, the Tesco finest Châteauneuf-du-Pape 75cl, Tesco finest* Marlborough Pinot Noir 75cl, and the Tesco finest* Breede River Sauvignon Blanc 75cl all say they contain milk and eggs in the allergen warning.

Company email (April 2017) re: Tesco Finest Medoc
"My support team have confirmed not suitable for vegans at all and the product is not produced anywhere else."

Mariza notes (January 2017)
"I emailed them to see which of their own brand products are vegan and they sent me the attached list, hope this helps"

Company email (October 2016) re: Tesco Apple Cider
"I have spoken with our support team and I’m happy to advise that the Tesco Apple Cider is suitable for vegans."

Company email (August 2015):
"Unfortunately [Tesco India Pale Ale] is not suitable for vegans because fish by-products are used as part of the manufacturing process.

"This is a traditional processing aid and is used in the manufacture of many of our beers and ales, however our Single Hopped Kentish Ale and our American Double IPA are made using carrageenan (a seaweed extract) instead and hence both are suitable for vegans."

Company email (August 2015):
"I have received a response from our Support Team and they have informed me that that our Tesco Special Reserve Scotch Whisky does not contain any animal ingredients and it is suitable for vegans."

Company email (July 2015):
"I have looked into this query for you and I can confirm that the Tesco Apple Cider 2 Litres is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans."

Company email (March 2015):
"Regarding your query about the Simply Beers, I can confirm that none of them are suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans I'm afraid."

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