Half Moon F'hops Sake is Not Vegan Friendly

by Half Moon Brewery
Address: Forge House
Ellerton, York, YO42 4PB
Phone: 01757 288977
Email: info@halfmoonbrewery.co.uk
URL: http://halfmoonbrewery.co.uk/
Checked by: Paul
Double checked by: Stephen
Added: almost 5 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Company email (February 2018)
"...dark ales are isinglass free, pales are not." [we went with the highly scientific method of marking the ones labelled as dark or pale on their website]

Paul notes (January 2017)

"Half Moon Brewery,Ellerton, N. Yorkshire, UK Produces the following vegan beers:
Triticum Wheat Beer cask ale 4.8%
Dark Masquerade Mild cask ale 3.6%

Confirmed in conversation with the brewer/brewery owner at a local beer festival in York, late 2016."

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