Ommegang Three Philosophers is Vegan Friendly

by Brewery Ommegang
Address: 656 County Highway 33
Cooperstown, NY, 13326-9248
Phone: (800) 544 1809
Fax: (607) 544 1801
Checked by: Krisdin
Double checked by: Nicole, Kate
Added: over 7 years ago

Company email (September 2017)
"Pale Sour is suitable for vegans."

Company email (October 2016):
"All of our Products are currently vegan-friendly. We may make a honey beer in the future. A small amount of our beer is made in Belgium but I don’t believe they use any animal products."

Company email (November 2015):
"[Joemmegang] contains a small amount of milk sugar. Milk sugar is not fermentable by ale yeast and adds a touch of sweetness and body.” [Note: Joemmegang was a limited edition release]

Company email (2009):

Thank you for your interest in Ommegang! I am happy to inform you that we do not use any animal products in the brewing or refining process. All of our products are vegan. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

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